continuously updating
    2021 Q2: Funding + Protocol development
      AADA token minting
      Funding rounds (private and public)
      Aada protocol building and expected launch on Testnet
      DeFi academy platform launch
    2021 Q3: Beta launch
      Frontend MVP (Aada APP)
      Goguen phase release by IOHK
      Aada protocol birth on Cardano mainnet (August)
      Lending and borrowing launch (beta; expect limited pools size)
      We - devs will make sure to have busy time to QA protocol with beta users
    2021 Q4: Alpha launch
      AADA staking launch + rewards
      Lending and borrowing alpha launch
    2022 Q1: New features
      Flashloans launch
      Instant swaps for collateral and deposits
      Governance proposals and voting
    2022 Q2: Further Decentralization
      Aada improvement proposal (AIP)
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