How to Claim
Detailed instructions on how to participate in Public Sale and mint Golden/Silver Referral NFTs + Golden/Silver Ticket NFTs
Step - 1 - How to copy your StakeKey from Yoroi wallet
Find your StakeKey
Step - 2 - Open sale.aada.finance and check your StakeKey eligibility to receive referral NFT
Open sale.aada.finance
Step - 3 - Copy mint address and send 2 ADA(refundable (- tx fee))
Claim Goldern Referral NFT
Send 2.0β‚³ ADA to mint address:
After a successful transaction, you will receive a referral NFT (in 2-4 min)
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is this Golden Referral NFT? Till when can I claim it?
Answer - Golden Referral NFT allows you to invite someone to participate in Public Sale and most importantly it does filter all unwelcome bots who could possibly purchase AADA Tokens without completing these "complex" steps.
  • What will happen if I send mine NFT to someone?
Answer - Receiver has to join Aada ISPO and stake in the meantime till the date of participation, required to join ISPO before 11th December(Epoch 308th). If ref-NFT is received and delegation is done to ISPO, your friend will be eligible to participate in Golden Round as well as you will!
  • When can I purchase AADA Tokens?
Answer - Claim your Golden Ticket on (December 16th, 16:45 PM EST) and participate in Public Sale
  • If I will join ISPO before December 11th(Epoch 308th), will I be eligible to participate in Silver Round?
Answer - Yes

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