Lending a loan
After you've connected your wallet, navigate to the "Markets" tab.
On the marketplace, you will be able to see all available loan requests as well as the "LEND" option. When you press the "LEND" button, a pop-out window will appear with all of the loan request details.
The confirmation window will display four key details about the loan.
Loan - The amount of your assets that you will lend to the borrower.
Interest - Is the amount you will receive as a reward if the borrower successfully repays the loan.
Term - The length of time you will lend your assets to the borrower.
Collateral - If the borrower fails to repay the loan, you will be entitled to liquidate it and obtain collateral that will cover the loan plus interest.
Health factor - is an indicator that illustrates the ratio of collateral to a loan plus interest; the higher the health factor, the less risk you face as a lender.
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