Flash Loans
Due to the technical knowledge required to execute one, flash loans are a feature designed for developers. Flash Loans allow you to borrow any amount of available assets without putting up any collateral, as long as the liquidity is returned to the protocol within one block transaction. To do a Flash Loan, you must first create a contract requesting a Flash Loan. The contract must then follow the instructions and repay the loan plus interest and fees in the same transaction.
One of the most popular flash loan function - arbitraging. One can accumulate unlimited amount of assets and do instant buy and sell actions to make positive returns.
Flash-loan users are expected to be developers or Daaps with integrated functionality.

Is it possible to use flash loan without coding?

At the moment - no. However, Cardano smart contracts are still fairly new. And flash loan usage is expected to be baked by other DeFi teams.

How much does it cost?

Flash loan fee is a 0.1% from borrowed amount.
Last modified 4mo ago