Token Swap

The new token minting correlates with the AADAnomics v.3, which decreases the total supply from 35,750,000 to 29,500,000 tokens (and from initial 100,000,000 AADA with AADAnomics v.1). Most importantly, users will be able to swap their AADA v1, sending them to a burning address. Only Private Sale investors who have bought with no lock had the tokens. After Muesliswap and Sundaeswap launch, more AADA v1 token holders there were, so we had to bring to the public our token swap possibility.
Swap version V1 AADA token (named as "OLD AADA" in your wallet) to V2 with a ratio of 1:1. V1 token policy ID 6f69a35a962c154bab4f2de4d9e116043697c333ade763c2b46fce6e .
Swapping tokens: to swap old AADA tokens (V1) you have manually send them to
Once your old AADA (V1) leaves your wallet, you should receive V2 AADA tokens within 5 minutes. They will appear in your wallet.
Make sure you have collateral in your wallet and double-check the given address above before sending out tokens!
If you're having a problem with this please contact us through our telegram!