How to participate
Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO) is a way for anyone to invest in Aada and contribute to the Cardano ecosystem. Users who want to participate in our ISPO can delegate their ADA and receive AADA as a

How to participate 💵

ISPO is new and fair way to invest into emerging Cardano projects. One can delegate their ADA to Aada staking pool [ISPO] and receive AADA as rewards!
To participate, use your ADA wallet, such as Yoroi or Daedalus, and look for the ISPO stake pool in delegation section. Make sure the staking pool name is "ISPO - Aada Finance - Stake ADA earn AADA" and a ticker is [ISPO].
ISPO will last 32 epochs starting September 12th. ISPO results will be distributed after ISPO is over.
Already staking? Find ISPO rewards in
Anyone can start staking from September 1st, yet rewards will be counted only starting from September 12th, 290 epoch. At the end of the ISPO, delegators will be rewarded AADA tokens for their participation. For each staked ADA for full epoch (5days) - receive 0.005 AADA Epoch

How to find a staking pool

Search for Aada staking pool (ticker ISPO) using Yoroi or Daedalus wallet. Once found, create a delegation transaction that will delegate all your ADA balance to the staking pool.
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