Initial Stakepool Offering
ISPO is a mechanism of equal distribution to offer equal opportunity to acquire AADA.
Find ISPO rewards calculator HERE
Using the ISPO mechanism Aada allows users to delegate their ADA to the Aada staking pool in order to receive $AADA. There are three variables that determine how much AADA one will receive:
    Amount of ADA delegated
    Number of entire epochs delegated
    AADA reward ratio (0.005)
For example, if one delegates 100 ADA for 10 epochs they will receive 5 AADA on a time of an airdrop:
100100.005=5AADA100*10*0.005=5 AADA
As in the example above, if you stake 100 ADA for the entire 10 epochs, you will receive 5 AADA.

How can I join?

ISPO will run 32 epochs starting September 12th and ending February 19th. However, anyone can join ISPO at any given time, before ISPO ends.
All you need to do to join ISPO is delegate your ADA into the Aada staking pool (ticker [ISPO]) using Yoroi or Daedalus wallet. Your contribution will start counting once a new epoch starts. You can track epoch start/end time on any Cardano explorer such as
Your contribution is only counted if the staking pool is not full. If the pool reaches saturation (~64m), we will create a new staking pool where you will be able to stake.
Only active stake is counted to ISPO. It takes one entire epoch for the delegated stake to become an active stake. For example, if you stake at epoch 292, your stake will become active on epoch 294.

Leaving ISPO

You can leave ISPO by unstaking your ADA at any time. Your rewards will be calculated based on the number of epochs staked. After the ISPO concludes, accumulated $AADA rewards will be distributed every second week with a 9-month Token vesting period.

ISPO details

Token rewards available
Reward bonus (incremental)
Minimum delegation
Maximum delegation
Reward per epoch per ADA
32 epochs
Start date
September 12th
End date
February 19th
Last modified 19d ago