Aadanomics v.3
Aadanomics v.3
Final AADAnomics v.3 will be released in conjunction with the new AADA token minting, resulting in a decrease in the total supply from 35,750,000 to 29,500,000 tokens. This is the outcome of burning half of the tokens available for public distribution. There is still a lot of uncertainty about the ISPO's distribution of tokens, therefore we decided to burn only half the tokens. In addition to the 6.25 million tokens that will be issued to ISPO delegates, Staking/governance and public sale. We will set a cap of 4 million tokens for ISPO which means the pool will operate till rewards are distributed to delegators. We will redirect 1.75m tokens to governance and staking rewards and 500k tokens which was transferred to public sale (silver round).
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