FAQs are created from repeating questions on our telegram group (https://t.me/aadagroup) if you don't get your answer here - our telegram group is a place to go.
Why are we issuing AADA token?
Aada team is building a lending platform, that is expected to be one of the Cardano DeFi cornerstone protocols. Since it requires a lot of resources and time, Aada developers team decided to issue AADA tokens which will be used in Aada utilities.
Why should one buy AADA token?
Aada platform will generate various fees which ones will be distributed to our token holders. Also, we are building Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This is impossible without decentralized governance token.
Do you have an airdrop?
Yes. Airdrop is a powerful marketing tool, we are elaborating. Also, it will provide us a community and early user base. Please visit our telegram channel to find more about an airdrop.
Didn’t I see something similar on Ethereum?
Yes. We are thrilled by lending platform successes on Etherium (Compound, Aave) and we believe this is what Cardano ecosystem will crave for. Moreover, Haskell and much safer Cardano smart contracts will help us to compete.
Why DeFi academy?
We believe DeFi on Cardano will be the next big thing. Thus, building community and maintaining strong relationships with developer of future projects will benefit AADA
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