Mainnet Airdrop

With Aada Mainnet start its users will be rewarded for getting their loan request funded. Reward size depends on Loan size and term, it can be any borrowable asset.


  • Submit a loan request within 21 days after Mainnet launch
  • Loan must be funded within 7 days after loan request create
  • Collateral value must be 500 ADA or more
  • Hold the loan active at least 7 days
  • One reward per wallet
Loan size
Loan must be active for
AADA reward
> 500 ADA
> 7 days
> 1000 ADA
> 7 days

How to claim AADA

Tokens will be distributed through distributor. It will be available 7 weeks after Mainnet launch.


At maximum 50,000 AADA will be distributed. If the participants exceed the distribution supply, the rewards will be prioritized on a first come, first served basis.